<iframe> API Demo

A demo application for the LoanPASS <iframe> API is available at https://iframe-demo.loanpass.io/. This is a simple example application that allows for experimentation with the <iframe> API, and doubles as an internal tool for testing out the <iframe> API.

Given a LoanPASS environment URL and a client's access ID, clicking the "Connect" button will embed an <iframe> and enable <iframe> API calls.

"LoanPASS <iframe> Demo App"


The "LoanPASS Environment" field should be set to the URL for a LoanPASS environment that has been configured to enable the <iframe> API. For example:

  • Staging: https://staging.loanpass.io
  • Sandbox: https://integrationsandbox.loanpass.io
  • Production: https://app.loanpass.io

The "Client ID" field should be set to a client's access ID, which can most easily be found in a client's login URL. For example, if the LoanPASS login page is https://app.loanpass.io/login/example-client, then the client access ID would be example-client.


After clicking "Connect", the <iframe> will be loaded showing the client's login page. After clicking "Enable Price Locking", an extra "Lock Request" button will be shown at the end of the pricing calculation modal (under the "Price a Loan" page, after getting a price for a product and clicking on a valid price in the table).

The <iframe> demo app has pretty verbose logging enabled, which should give a realistic idea for how communication is done with the API. Console logs can be seen in your browser's web inspector under the "Console" tab (which can usually be opened by right-clicking on the page and choosing "Inspect Element" or similar, or by pressing F12, or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I or Cmd-Option-I or similar).

Web Inspector showing the console output from the demo app